The Episcopal Church
of the Atonement

Westfield, MA
Parish Profile


Welcome to The Episcopal Church of the Atonement, where we are “Drawn in by Grace and Reaching out in Love.” Our Parish Profile provides an overview of our church, how it developed, where it is now, and what are goals are for the future. Click this link to download a full copy of our Parish Profile: 

Download our 2024 Parish Profile

The Episcopal Church of The Atonement (ECOTA) is located in the historic town of Westfield, MA, the gateway to the beautiful Berkshire Hills. We are a community in which visitors, friends, and members find renewal and refreshment in celebrating the mystery, beauty, and joy of faith. Our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry calls us “The Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement.” We draw our nourishment from Jesus who calls us into relationship with the Divine.  Because of his Word and example, we recognize the divine spark within all human beings. 


At ECOTA, we lift up the bonds we have as a church family, the ties which give us the possibility of finding meaning, purpose, value, and above all love in our homes, in our places of work, and in the community. We are seeking a new minister who will join with us in the life of the parish as pastor, leader and partner in this, the Body of Christ in our corner of Western Massachusetts.